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Karte vom Schliersee
Größere Schliersee-Karte

List with hotels and rooms and vacation rentals around the lake Schliersee
Vacations in the surroundings
Additional informations for your vacations in the area around the Schliersee and the region Miesbach. You'll find webcams, informations about restaurants, bike-tours and much more...

Lake Schliersee

The lake Schliersee has a surface area of approximately 2,2 square kilometres and is known as one of the nicest lakes in Bavaria perfect for Sightseeing. The lake is located in the south of Munich, the Bavarian capital at an elevation of 777 metres. The lake Schliersee has a maximum depth of 40,5 metres, a lenght of 2,5 kilometers and a maximum width of 1,2 kilometers. The lake developed as a result of the melting of the ice age glaciers.

St. Sixtus-Pfarrkirche in Schliersee
St. Sixtus-Church at Schliersee

With the train (stations at Hausham, Schliersee, Fischhausen-Neuhaus and Fischbachau) or the car (highway A8 and normal streets) you need a little less than an hour from the center of Munich to the lake Schliersee.

Der See lockt zum Baden - Strandbad Schliersee
Swimming in the Schliersee - Strandbad Schliersee

The lake Schliersee has one island called Wörth with a restaurant on it. You could reach it easily by ship. Like many other lakes in Bavaria, the lake Schliersee is a popular location for watersports and leisure time.

Schliersee mit Insel Wörth und Brecherspitze im Hintergrund
Schliersee with island Wörth and mountain Brecherspitze in the background

We are sorry for not having translated all of the extensive content of our Schliersee-BAYregio website. We only offer you this site in English but hope that by explaining the most important things you will not have any problems with the other sites in German language:

Accomodation / hotels / vacation rentals

On the following three lists / websites, you could look for your accommodation. Most of the hosts do have at least a basic knowledge of the English language, so just ask them what you would like to know. There are two easy possibilites for you:

Just choose the accommodation you are interested in. On the following page, there is a form called ''Buchung anfragen''. Fill in a short text, your preferred dates and your e-mail-address and click on the green button below. An e-mail with your message will be sent to the host/accomodation.

The other possibility would be, that you choose several accomodations by checking the small checkboxes next to each list item. Below the list, there is a green button which brings you to a form, where you could enter some basic informations like your preferred dates and your e-mail-adress. Then click on the green button below the form.

Bootsverleih mit Elektrobooten und Tretbooten
Rent a Boat

On the following websites, we offer much more information and impressions with many pictures of the lake Schliersee.

Spazierweg auf der Schliersbergalm
Walkway on the mountain Schliersberg

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